Apple outsold more watches than any other big brand watches


According to Apple watch sales estimates from industry researcher Canalys and IDC,

Apple is one of the biggest watch maker in the world and sold more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry last quarter!

Yep. The company best known for making iPhones outsold Rolex, Omega, and even Swatch last quarter of 2017 — combined.

Though Apple hasn’t released any specific sales figures, new research data shown by Canalys claims that Apple sold 8 million Apple Watches last quarter of 2017. Over the entire year, Canalys’ data claims that Apple shipped upwards of 18 million Apple Watch units.





Apple aired Animoji ads at Grammy!

At Grammys, Apple aired two Animoji ads highlighting the face ID technology in the iPhone X that can make custom 3D a custom 3D versions of animated emoji based on your facial expressions. One ad, called “Amigos,” features a dog and a poop emoji singing along to “Stir Fry” by hip hop trio Migos, while carrots, broccoli, and cucumber emoji fly by.

The other ad features Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” being sung by an alien emoji and unicorn backup singers, which spiral out into a psychedelic universe of cascading cat, panda, robot, and unicorn emoji. Both Migos and Childish Gambino have been nominated for multiple Grammys, including Gambino’s Awaken, My Love! up for album of the year and Migos’ Culture up for best rap album.

Amazon Go Store Opened Today! No More Checkout Lines!

Starting today from 01/22/2017, you can walk into a grocery store, grab what you want, and walk out — without ever dealing with a checkout line. USA Today reports that Amazon officially is opening its first Amazon Go grocery store, which eliminates all checkout lines, after testing the concept for a year. The location is in downtown Seattle, and it’s open on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

According to the The New York Times, walking into the store feels like going into a subway station, since you go through turnstiles and scan your Amazon app to get in. And then when you leave the store, you just walk back through the turnstiles, and your Amazon account simply charges you for what you bought. A Times reporter tried to shoplift by wrapping a shopping bag around a pack of soda, but Amazon’s software still caught it and charged them for it.

The technology, called Just Walk Out, works using hundreds of cameras in the store and a brand-new app you have to download to use the store, USA Today notes. Amazon is keeping exactly how it works a company secret, but it combines the cameras with sensors on the shelves to add items to your bill as you choose them at the shop. The only time an employee stops you before you buy something is in the alcohol section, where a worker checks your ID before you take beer off the shelf.

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Once you’re in the store, there are also no shopping baskets or carts, so you have to just put whatever you want in the bag you’re going to walk out with. That combined with the 1,800-square-foot location, about the size of a convenience store, means this place is more of a quick stop and not a place you’d get food for the whole house. That is reflected in the selection at the store too, as there is nothing that would vary in weight, like individual pieces of fruit, and there’s a selection of grab-and-go-meals made on site by a kitchen staff.

It’s unclear if Amazon plans on expanding this to other locations, or bring its technology to Whole Foods, which the company owns. The store’s opening took place after a year-long delay, CNBC notes, so it might take a little while before you see this at your local grocery store.

Is TRON going to be next bitcoin?

TRON has created so much buzz in recent days ,it has received widespread attention over the social network as well.I personally as an individual don’t stay very optimistic about any cryptocurrency,we have seen BTC price drop after so much hike..

Growth in 2018-

The response Tron is getting will really assist it to be one of top crypto currency not in China but in the world also.

Here are the reasons I think will be the key player to it’s growth for a long duration of time-

1.Exceptional growth- it has increased 33% in just 14–15,in mid November it was 0.0020 then it registered 93% hike in one month & took its peak position in December. In intial coin offering(ICO) of tron the Binance(exchange firm) crashed.

2.Decentralized currency- one of the significant factor of any crypto currency is to be decentralized (except Ripple).although it causes high fluctuations due to the lack of any governing body behind it,but taking power away from centralized body will prevent anyone to run the Show.

3.Justin sun – He(Justin) is the founder of tron.words are less for him,Justin has been marked as 30 most influential asian person under 30 twice.this is adequate to exhibit his extra ordinary dedication & missionary zeal.

4.Very Postive & dynamic community- In lots of discussion forum in social media online,people are genuinely interested in this currency.

Here is the potential growth of this currency in 2018 according to a magzine-

Month & Year

Tron Price Prediction

January 2018-0.0377 USD

February 2018-0.0754 USD

March 2018-0.1023 USD

April 2018-0.2445 USD

May 2018-0.2753 USD

June 2018-0.3390 USD

July 2018-0.3932 USD

August 2018-0.4325 USD

September 2018-0.4904 USD

October 2018-0.5133 USD

November 2018-0.5322 USD

December 2018-0.5410 USD

It will surely take some time to achieve position among conventional & established players like BTC,IOTA in market.

Apple HomePod’s are expected to release as early as February

Earlier Apple announced that its new smart speaker wouldn’t be arriving in December 2017 as it had previously announced.

But as per supplier Inventec, it is rumored that shipments of the speaker could start as early as February.

The news is also supported by Apple statements in their website ‘Available early 2018’.

Apple markets Homepod as “The new sound of home”

HomePod is a powerful speaker that sounds amazing, adapts to wherever it’s playing, and together with Apple Music, gives you instant access to one of the world’s largest music catalogs. And with the intelligence of Siri, you control it through natural voice interaction.  HomePod takes the listening experience to a whole new level. And that’s just the beginning!

Apple is a very late to the smart speaker game than its main two rivals, Amazon and Google!

The HomePod is set to cost $349 in United States where as Google Home costs $130 and the Amazon Echo costs just $99. Apple is considered as very pricey voice assistant. But Apple is promising the Homepod of better sound quality.

We have to wait for this device to see how good Siri will be competing with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant!

Top reasons behind Crypto currency Crash!

The crypto world had not been good for last couple of weeks. Even though the prices are on the rise now, in just ten days, cryptocurrencies lost $370billion!

Here are the top reasons behind this loss,

South Korea:

In recent weeks, the South Korean Justice Minister Park Sang-ki said the government was preparing a bill to ban trading via cryptocurrency exchanges. South Korea will make a decision on a proposed ban on cryptocurrency exchanges after “sufficient consultation and coordination of opinions,” the country’s government said Monday.

The South Korean government intends to crack down on the trading of cryptocurrencies. As well as clamping down on crypto trading, they have also expressed a wish to add taxes these, among other measures to tighten the grip on the market that has a lot of doubt. There are some who see the trading of crypto currencies, as a way of supporting money laundering and dangerous speculative investing.

South Korea accounts for one fifth of the trading of cryptocurrencies, so this crackdown would have made a massive difference.


The Russian President, Vladimir Putin has openly said that he is not against cryptocurrencies; however, he believes more oversight is needed. He said;

“This is the prerogative of the Central Bank at present and the Central Bank has sufficient authority so far. However, in broad terms, legislative regulation will be definitely required in future.”


China also contributed to the cryptocurrency crash and China Escalates Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Trading.

They have long had a bit of a love-hate relationship with cryptocurrencies, and Beijing, who uses computing power to support the Bitcoin network and create new Bitcoins through mining, has also said that they are exploring further regulations and restrictions around crypto trading.


Cryptocurrency BitConnect has long been criticised because it uses loans, and it is known for soliciting new investors, but it certainly contributed to the cryptocurrency crash shut down.

It promised a return of a quarter of a percentage point daily, but in reality, the BitConnect coin actually plunged by a massive 94% after the announcement.

Bitcoin Futures:

Any futures on Bitcoin exchanges are set to expire this month. The January futures on Cboe Global Markets were set to expire on Wednesday had suffered a massive 42% loss over the past 30 days.

The futures on the CME Group, are due to expire in just seven days time, and they are also down about 42%. These can all add to the volatility and would definitely have contributed to the crash.

Blockchain Wallet launches buy and sell options in the US

Blockchain, one of the biggest cryptocurrency wallets in the world, launched a service to buy and sell digital coins in the U.S. on Thursday, in a challenge to Coinbase. It is estimated that there are over 20 million estimated users using Blockchain.

From Thursday, Blockchain’s U.S. users will be able to sell their bitcoin, with the buying function coming at a later date.

The newly-implemented feature from one of the oldest bitcoin wallet providers in existence could potentially be a move to challenge Coinbase, which is seen as the go-to option for buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by retail investors throughout the United States.

In the past, the UK-based company had enabled the ability to buy and sell bitcoin for its British customers. Blockchain plans to offer buy and sell services in the United States for other crypto assets in the near future.